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The pleasure of exploring

We will never get tired of saying it: nature is the most beautiful playground in the world! For this reason, we would like to invite our little eagles to get to know it closely, to discover the precious treasures of Val Senales. From the beginning of July to the end of September, in our family hotel near Merano, we offer small explorers from 6 to 12 years of age the opportunity to participate in the Nature Detective Camp, a varied activity programme created by experts. If your kids bombard you with questions like "Why do bees dance in the air? Where is their king?" Or, "How does honey come from the flower to the jar?" Then let us help. We will answer these and many other questions while we cook bread around the fire.

Additional opportunities for adults and children:

•       Path of the senses
•       Nature to live with experts
•       Cooking classes under the motto: "Mum, I’m cooking today!"
•       Family tours in the mountains of Ötzi
•       Excursions to our "Gfolltrina" farm pasta with spaghetti party

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