Hiasl Club

For cool guys and smart girls

Experience unforgettable adventures together with Matthias! Become a member of this unique club and discover the natural landscape of the South Tyrolean Schnals Valley from its wildest side. Annual fee for Hiasl Club membership: € 70 per youth; includes all admissions and activities.

WILD ROCK Trial Climbing
Matthias is a trained climbing instructor and will take you on an adventure to show you valuable tips and tricks on the rock.

Are you accurate? Well, then off to the forest, because it is played Archerytag. With padded arrows, the goal is to defeat the other team. Just like dodgeball, only as a Robin Hood variant.

WILD MOUNTAIN Mountaincarts: the go-karts of the mountains
Speeding down the mountain on these three-wheeled speedsters becomes an adrenaline-pumping experience. Are you ready?

Friday – WILD AIR Ötzi Rope Park
Let’s go to windy heights – here you can try the giant swing or the “Flying Fox”. For the ultimate fun factor. (The Rope Park takes place unaccompanied).

Of course, we also offer our teens everything else they are so keen on. Starting with table soccer, air field hockey, table tennis and darts to the Playstation.
Let the games begin!